The Perfect Tan

By Carlo Loaces

We know you are going to take these summer days to gain some color, so why not read this tips to have the best tan ever (and be safe!)?

1- Always wear sun block. Yes we know, you want to get burned but you always have to be careful about the amount of sun your skin is exposed to. We recommend a 30/50 SPF that is broad spectrum and water resistant.

2- Know your skin exposure time to the sun. Each skin is different and we all have a time limit where the melanin in our skin stops producing. You know what melanin is? Is what keeps our skin free of solar radiation. So, the longer you are exposed to the sun the less your skins is protected. We recommend a two hour maximum exposure time. 

3- Take recess in between your tanning time (the maximum 2 hours we previously discussed a line ago). This recess helps the skin to retain the color longer and of course, also keeps your skin safe from sunburn. So every 15 minutes take 5 minutes off the sun. Maybe have a snack, hydrate, or take pictures!

4- Always stay hydrated! Some fruits and vegetables have lycopene,  a free radical-fighting antioxidant found in tomatoes and other red and orange fruits that help protect the skin from sunburn and cancer. Green tea is always a plus, dark chocolate or even an espresso shot just before you hit the sun will keep you glowing. Did we mention you have to drink a lot of water?

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