Safety Tips for Spring Break – Easter Week

We wanted to share some safety tips if you are enjoying Easter Week / Spring Break (Semana Santa) in the Dominican Republic:


• Before leaving home •

⁃ Check that everything is OK with your car and that you have you car registration and insurance up to date.

⁃ Don’t drink and drive.

⁃ On your way out home check that everything is off, closed and make sure you unplug everything that doesn’t need to be working (such as water and propane)

⁃ Don’t text and drive.

⁃ If you are going to an unknown place, check for directions before you take the road.


• First Aid Kit •

Buy a First Aid Kit in your local drugstore and besides the essentials remember to add:

⁃ Mosquito repellent

⁃ Sunblock

⁃ Condoms

⁃ Water


• When you arrive at your destination •

⁃ Follow the norms and regulations of the beach or national park.

⁃ Never leave garbage behind, bring bags prepare to collect it and dispose of everything properly when you leave.

⁃ Have fun!

Beach Up

Beach Up

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