About Us

Big Island Group

No man is an island, however, a group of islands could become a country. Big Island Group believes in the power of individual ideas to address various needs. We are an interdisciplinary group of people combining our islands of knowledge to create a nation of entrepreneurs.

Big Island Group seeks to develop innovative and sustainable projects with a high sensibility towards our environment, in order to contribute with the creation of products and services that develop awareness about our planet to promote the diminishing our environmental impact. We believe in a better future for everybody, and we work to make it a reality.

Beach Up is Big Island Group’s first project. It is born of our desire to help people make informed decisions when looking at sea, sun and sand destinations. It is the first and only interactive and virtual guide dedicated to Dominican beaches. It contains information of interest for everybody and a filtering system that enables the user to personalize their search based on several attributes. The main features are an interactive map, a beach listing, photo gallery, social network links, and a section for news and educational articles. Beach Up is an invitation for everybody to take their swimsuits and explore the sunny way.

​There is a country in the world​ ​located​ ​in the same path of the sun.​ ​Native of the night.​ ​

Placed​ ​in an implausible archipelago​ ​of sugar and alcohol.​

– Pedro Mir –


  • Marivi Perdomo Caba

    Co-founder | Chair of the Board
  • Jorge Ventura Ovalles

    Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer
  • Jonathan Ruiz Lizardo

    Co-founder | Chief Financial Officer
  • José Rafael Reyes Gómez

    Co-founder | Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Jean Carlos Ventura

    Co-founder | Chief Technology Officer